The Pool (en)

Imagine being on holiday in a country far far away, at the foot of a mountain, in the vicinity of a small village. You take a walk and suddenly see a house with a fence. A fence, that almost begs you to take a peek. You cannot control your curiosity. You take a quick glance, probably think you will not be sent away being the obvious tourist that you are, and go for it. You tiptoe through the gate, a bit uneasy at first but determined. Nobody appears to be around, so you walk ahead more confident.

In that garden, fenced by loam walls, grow gorgeous trees, elegant bushes and lovely smelling flowers. There are small paths, magnificent terraces and beautifully covered places to sit quietly. At the end of that garden, when you think you have finally finished your excursion, lies a stone basin. It is very inviting with clear emerald coloured water. The mosaic tiles on the bottom of the pool form a pattern of exotic flowers. You would almost like to take a plunge.

A chair stands very inviting at the edge of the swimming pool and you decide to take a rest and enjoy the beauty of your surroundings.

Suddenly you notice the intense silence. You would almost forget by the splendour of the garden, that there is an enormous lack of sound. No singing of birds or tjirping of crickets. Even the leaves in the trees do not rustle. You try to catch a familiar sound, like the buzzing of insects. You hear your breathing. Is that the whistle of the wind in the trees? No, it the blood running through your veins. You hear the pounding of your heart beating like a jungle drum. Suddenly you are filled with fear and want to get out of there, as quickly as possible. There you go, up the stairs, over the terrace, you take a turn left, then a right turn. Or was it a right turn first and then a left? Did you not see this terrace before? You panic, because you cannot find the exit.

You try to stay calm and think logically, but of course you fail. Nobody ever succeeds…


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