Guest entry

 This blog is your little black note-book.

It can also transform itself into a place like the table in the shadow under the oak – or plane – tree, where surrealists sat down and discussed about arts, writing, collages and tinkered strange mobiles they hung on the twigs.

Be creative, strange, amazing, yourself. 

This blog isn’t a commercial or marketing place in any case. But an international cultural, artistic and linguistic meeting – and sharing place.

Want to add a story to a picture, publish a short-story, a collage or drawings, create or share something on this notebook? Please un-tie the elastic.

By sending me a short “hello” as a comment on this page. I will shortly contact you and (after moderating) edit your texts/pictures/images, in a home-page-post on this blog. Your name, contact links and copyrights will always be mentioned.

I do keep the rights to refuse or delete contributions that seems too strange, amazing or trash to me.

You can also contact me on Twitter at : @martinke_h


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