This blog is another black note-book, tied with an elastic ribbon. One more, amongst many others I dream of. Born in Holland (The Netherlands), after a short art & theatre study, I left my home country on the age of 19 to travel the world (I thought). Ever since I’m the “TravelerWhoStayed” on my way between past future & languages. For almost 35 years I live in southern France, puzzled by life and the strangeness of walking around for a while on planet Earth. Writing words, stories, texts, making pictures, images, has become an obsession to me, while being lost between languages.

Once up on a time, I discovered the pleasure of sharing. Sharing stories, inspiring drawings, pictures, or words from different languages. Things, that once mixed-up/linked together create new amazing and inspiring items or objects

I hope you “others” might pass by; inspired by the pictures and titles that will appear on this blog, to write a story others would have loved to invent.

I’m looking for something like “borrowing” each other’s thoughts around the world. Thoughts that could have been written in that little black notebook I keep in my pocket as a silent promise.

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