The Pool, by WattiFatti


Op 13 juni 2011schreef WattiFatti een “tweet” met een leuke mededeling: de “The Pool” collage had haar tot het schrijven van een kort verhaal geïnspireerd. Na wat gesleutel rond de altijd moeilijke vertalingen staat het resultaat vanaf vandaag in het Blacknotebook en is Wattifatti als definitive gast op dit blog geregistreerd. Wie volgt?

lees het verhaal


On June 13 2011 WattiFatti wrote a “tweet” with a nice announcement: the collage “The Pool” inspired her to write a short story. After some fiddling around it’s always difficult translations, we publish the result today in The BlackNotebook and register Wattifatti definitely as guest on this blog. Who follows?

read the story


Le 13 juin 2011 WattiFatti rédigeait un “tweet” avec un message sympathique: Le collage  du “The Pool” avait inspiré  une histoire courte. Après quelques ajustements autour des traductions toujours difficiles, le résultat figure à partir d’aujourd’hui dans le Blacknotebook et Wattifatti est registré définitivement comme « Guest » sur ce blog. A qui le tour?

lisez l’histoire



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Born in Holland (The Netherlands), after a short art & theatre study, I left my home country on the age of 19 to travel the world (I thought). Ever since I’m the “TravelerWhoStayed” on my way between past, future & languages. For more than 45 years I live in southern France, puzzled by life and the strangeness of walking around for a while on planet Earth. Writing words, stories, texts, making pictures, images, has become an obsession to me, while being lost between languages. View all posts by Martinke

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